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My name is Amber, and I am the author of this blog.
I love recipes, what a concept!  Creating something delicious from words, that turn into ingredients, that turn out to be edible!
So much fun!
I ADORE COOKBOOKS! I read them like other people read novels.  I love browsing through old cookbooks, and have recently started collecting antique cook books.  My most recent find is a recipe book printed in 1926, entitled '104 Prize Radio Recipes', by Ida Bailey Allen.  It's a real kick! Mrs. Allen had a radio "talk show" and this book has recipes along with advise exerts from the show. Hilarious comments and suggestions that make me completely happy that I live in an "enlightened" equal rights world-LOL. 
This is my dog Nickel-isn't he hilarious?

My husband of 27 years, Reed 

My daughter Chelsey~23, Reed, my son Chase~25