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February 5, 2012

February 5th is National Chocolate Fondue Day!

Yep, today is National Chocolate Fondue Day (it's also Superbowl #46 Sunday, but that's not important)!
I don't often make fondue, mostly because my hypoglycemia gets all crazy out of whack, I have no self-control. None.  So what I've done is compile a list of fabulous fondue recipes for you to try. Some are savory, and some are sweet.
I found many of the links via, and a few I already had on hand, so follow the links and celebrate FONDUE!
This first recipe is from The Family Kitchen, and they have a lot of recipes for fondues, so be sure to browse around... 

Next we have:

Now for the Sweet Fondues...

Here is a basic, go to recipe for chocolate fondue;

I hope you try all of these recipes, and that you find a couple of keepers for your recipe box!

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