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August 7, 2010

{Fun in the kitchen}

Last evening I was searching through some older cookbooks looking for a particular recipe that I know I submitted to one book or another, and as I was browsing through my son's 1994 elementary school recipe collection book, I came across this recipe. It made me laugh and smile so I thought I would share it with you!

1 Medium size Elephant
1 Ton Salt
1/2 Ton Pepper
500 Bushels of Potatoes
200 Bushels of Carrots
4,000 Sprigs of Parsley
1,000 Gallons of Brown Gravy 
(can be packaged, but prepare it according to package directions prior to using in stew)
2 Small Rabbits (optional)

Cut elephant meat into bite-sized pieces.
This will take about 2months.
  Clean and scrub vegetable, the cut into cubes
(will take another 2 month). 
Place meat in pan and cover with brown gravy,
simmer for 4 weeks.
  Shovel in the salt and pepper to taste.  
When meat is tender add the vegetables.
  (A steam shovel is useful for this.)
  Simmer slowly for an additional 4 weeks. 
Garnish with parsley.
Serves 3,800 people.

If more people are expected, add the 2 rabbits.  This is not really recommended as very few people like hare in their stew.

Submitted by Ruth Petter

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Endy Daniel said...

Lmao....... i was wondering what was the title really talk about :D