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March 21, 2010


Welcome to our recipe box!

Aunt Peg's Jewelry was named in honor of GERADINE PEGGY HALL WRIGHT BLONQUIST.  An amazing woman who inspired everyone around her!
As Peg's niece I have felt her influence throughout  my entire life in so many different ways, and when I introduced Megan to my Aunt Peg, Meg immediately became "one of the nieces" (as Peg used to say).
She was a funny, crazy, beautiful, kind, generous, inspiring, dedicated, hard working mother who somehow found time to cook, work, raise 3 children, keep an immaculately clean home,  visit friends and neighbors, arrange parties, and still find time to make every person she came in contact with feel like they were the most important thing in her world. In other words, a perfect woman! Oh, and did I mention her fame as a master Divinity Maker? I still can't make candy that even comes close to comparing...
One of the many cherished memories I have of Aunt Peggy is her wonderful food. She made fabulous, comfort foods that she learned from her mom, and created with her 2 sisters Leona & Sally (Sally is my sweet mom). These women were the go to gals whenever you needed anything, recipes, babysitters, sewers, knitters, first aid, gift idea's, a quick education on any subject, or just a shoulder to laugh and cry on.
Left to Right:
Grandma (Iola), Aunt Peg, Aunt Leona, Sally (my mom)

This picture was taken @ Aunt Peg's wedding to her second husband (she was widowed after 3 years of marriage, just 6 WEEKS after her second child was born). This photo was taken in Park City Utah, 1957.
A few years ago my cousins and I put together a book with the recipes that have been handed down to us by these wonderful women, as well as those recipes that have become the "family" favorites within our own tiny dynasties...
Meg and I think many of you will like these recipes and that hopefully you will be inspired to share with us your favorite recipes as well!!
We wan to make this blog the place for all of your old and new favorites!

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