April 25, 2010


Well this will be our final prize drawing during our Webstore Grand Opening!
We have loved doing this, and have met some fun new people,
have had our blogs seen around the world, and enjoyed some good feedback!
Thank you everyone who have left comments!
Grand Prize rules:
The prize is listed on the Aunt Peg's Handmade Jewelry & Treasures Blog.
You must visit there to find out more.
However, if you would like to leave a comment here below this post
you will receive an additional entry into the grand prize drawing.
Tell us what your favorite time of day is, and why!
Thanks again for participating!


{The Wade's} said...

My favorite part of the day is when my husband, Ben comes home from work. I love how excited the kids get and how we get to spend time as a family. LOVE IT!!

~Shea Wade

Anonymous said...

I love early in the morning. It is all quiet and I have a quiet time to read the Bible.
Modesty Lyman

the thrifty ba said...

nap time for me-1pm everyday! aahhhhh...
beth anne service

Lori said...

Getting up early morning before everyone else with a cup of hot tea and my Bible.
Lori Lyman

Attilio said...

i love it when i can get the kids to bed early, leaving me with enough energy to craft or sew a little whilst hubby sits on the couch watch tv and we can chat... it actually happens very very rare
becky pace bajona

Anonymous said...

About 7:00 pm when all my favorite reality shows come on. Dinner's done and desserts on its way!
Jana Rae Grose